REMOTE WIRELINE SERVICES has been providing safe, cost-effective and professional services to the Canadian energy industry since 1996. The senior REMOTE management team are comprised of industry veterans, each with well over 30 years of specialized wireline service knowledge.

REMOTE's service fleet includes both truck and off road capable units including our unique ultra light slickline systems. With four field service bases and a staff of industry trained specialists, REMOTE has the equipment and service capabilities to handle all types of slickline service requirements across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Our bases are equipped with a wide selection of plugs and tools for servicing operations including Baker, Otis and other style downhole production and completion equipment.

REMOTE offers complete bottom hole pressure / temperature data acquisition services including our surface read out (SRO) real time systems available with web based data access using our WELLTAP system. In addition, we have available, BHP instrumentaion rated to 300 deg C, ideally suited for SAGD operations.

As of 2011, REMOTE has majority ownership by Aboriginal shareholders.

RWS Unit 1 circa 1997

Humble beginnings: Remote Wireline Unit # REM1 (1996).



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